The Dialogue of Fashion and Design

Jamie Drake explores the emergence of style from the interaction of ideas

I have always been fascinated by the intersection of fashion and interior design. I love to think of clothing as an ever-evolving response to our changing times. Hemlines go up and down, men’s tailoring becomes slimmer, and then fuller again. It is a never ending cycle, but it keeps us looking fresh. Who isn’t excited about the next “new thing”? I’m intrigued by the way these new ideas fan out from the runways – some are translated into next season’s fast-fashion, while others evolve into new ideas for home decor.


“Home furnishings are a lot like fashion – trends come and go, although at a slower pace. How all of it reaches consumers is truly awesome.”






As in the world of fashion, ideas about interior design have changed with the times. Today, a rigid adherence to a particular style of decor is as outdated as saying ‘no white after Labor Day.’ In our world of home, those of us who interact with consumers, whether we are designers or retailers, have to move with our suppliers – and our clients. Touring the showrooms at High Point Market, which target a sophisticated and specialized clientele, we can inform and enhance our personal perspective on where fashion for the home should be heading.

I am much more liberated today in the way I mix things, both in the nature of eclecticism, and in the colors I use. My work is bold, polished, urbane, witty, optimistic and contemporary, reflecting how we live now, without turning its back on the splendors of the past.




“The dialogue that arises between seemingly disparate pieces of furniture or artwork becomes the design.”








I enjoy incorporating a sense of personality and an element of surprise in my spaces. I love the warmth, history, uniqueness and grandeur that traditional design and antiques can bring, yet I feel compelled to juxtapose them with a minimal approach that injects structure, rigor, and contemporary mores to create a provocative sense of visual interest. My traditional work is infused with youthful color, and unexpected elements, while my more modern work is softened with nods to tradition.

Just like one’s personal style of dress, essential to every home are colors, patterns, textures and personal effects that tell the story about who you are and what you have experienced. Most of the rules can be broken if done with sophistication and style. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

“There is nothing more exciting than incorporating the bold and the beautiful to create lively, magical spaces that inhabit memories and enrich lives.”

I love what I do, and I love great style in every form. To me, coming to High Point Market is as inspiring as going to any fashion show. Just as new looks ripple out from the fashion capitals of the world, High Point sets the tone for everything that is new and exciting in home furnishings. You’re certain to find impeccable fashion, style and design as 75,000 people stroll through showrooms that span more than 11 million square feet. Each showroom tells its own style story through bold design statements, subtle details, and immaculate workmanship. In High Point, you are at the center of the home fashion universe. This is where you can find the best of the best in our industry.

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