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This is Weaving art by J.W.L. Textile Co., Ltd.

Weaving Art is a member of a Taiwanese company called "J.W.L. Textile Co., Ltd" based in Main Land China.  Our main purpose is to provide good quality upholstery and curtain textile at reasonable prices. Weaving Art is an answer to a constant call to shorten the  trade distance and to supply the demand of both Europe and the MENA regions.

JWL Textile Co., Ltd is a Taiwanese based company, operating office in Shanghai, with more than 20 years of history in the fabric industry. The company possess strong background on developing fabric designs and constructions. it also works closely with Italian designing studio since the first day of operation. and there is a large portion of investment on the copyright pattern spent annually. JWL has an individual inspection team to make sure that every meter of fabric is being examined before package

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